Best Root Apps For Android 2017

Your Android phone should be rooted to use all the updated apps and operating systems on your old android phone. In the beginning, we don’t have any facility to root our Android devices. Now we have enormous tools to root an Android device or phones. Root your android phones easily with root apps which are available in online. Rooted Android phones provide salient features like boosted speed for mobile; can use different operating version, support for advanced apps, etc. most of the latest phone comes with rooted version, so no need to root your new Android phones.

We OGT Mobile presenting you some of the best root apps for Android 2017, without any further ado let’s dive in shall we?

Best Root Apps for Android 2017

We know that everyone was looking for the best root apps for Android devices. After a brief research on root applications, we suggest few best source applications for your android phones. Some of these apps provide excellent performance on your Android operating systems. Here you can see the best root apps for Android.

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock application is an open source available for free. You can download it easily for your device using the official downloading link. It helps you to remove the ads which disturb your device performance in-between. This is one of the best apps for configuring the advertisement settings on your device. You can able to enable the ads which you want to see from your phone. This app is not available in Google play store, even though we recommend it as must have root app for Android phones.


For data recovery dumpster app is very much helpful and most used tool for data recovery now. You can get the dumpster app directly from Google play store for free. Using the dumpster app, we can able to recover the deleted folders, files and others. If you have removed anything from your device unknowingly, all the deleted files recovered or restored back on your device. This supports all the files, documents, photos, images, videos, PDF, music files, etc. It acts like a recycle bin on PC to delete the files forever.


ROM Toolbox

It’s an excellent app for root users to all devices. It has the variety of features that helps us to manage the applications and functionality. Few functions of ROM toolbox are app management, ROM management, font installer, script writer and so. For specific devices, it can also use to change the boot animations, themes, icons, etc.  You to purchase this app for $9.99 from the app store.



This is an SD modifier tool to fix the storage problems in kit Kat and Lollipop operating systems. SDFix app was running on all Android devices. It can protect your SD card for reuse again and again. You can get this app for free from the app store.


Tasker application is an essential app for root android devices. Using this tasker app, you can perform all the operations on the Android devices. This app helps most of the time even in unrooted access. You can get it from the Google play store.  So we suggest this also better option for root android phones.

Wrapping up,

Hope you found some Best Root Apps For Android 2017, if yes feel free to share with your friends & relatives.

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