Best File Managers For Android 2017

Android is one of the popular operating systems in the smartphone segment, where you can find millions of customers using the phone and the operating system in an effective way. The file manager is one of the important aspects of using the operating system, as it helps you save space and memory on the phone. An effective file manager can let you use different options in shifting content from internal to external memory in an effective way.

It is very much essential for every user to have a file manager app installed on the phone, as it can improvise the performance of the phone by cleaning unwanted data from the internal drive on the phone. Some of the best Android file manager applications in the market Also check, best root apps for Android.

Best Android File Manager Apps 2017

Amaze file manager

Amaze file manager has been popular and one of the new introductions in the market, where people will get to enjoy a beautiful and a convenient interface for people to use in an effective way. A file browsing into his application has been impressive, as it gets you enough options for people to manage files in different drives on a regular basis. Amaze file manager is an open or free source application, which runs smoothly on the latest Android versions in the market.

Asus file manager

ASUS file manager is very much recommended for people to use with a lot of content and data. As ASUS gives out an option for people o store file and folder in the cloud, it is widely recommended by most of the android users to use it in an effective way. ASUS lets you access their cloud support and LAN, where people can transfer data from one drive to another drive and store in the cloud for better management.

ES file manager pro

ES file manager used to be a favourite application for most of the people, but the app started decreasing its quality over a period Es file manager pro comes in both free and pro versions, where a free version of the application is filled with bloatware, and it is not recommended for people to use the free version to play with content in the mobile phone. ES File manager pro gives out enough amounts of options for every user to utilize, as it is important for every user to use the file manager application in an effective way.

File manager

File manager, is one of the mandatory applications in most of the phones, as file manager gives out plenty of options for people to make collages out of images on the phone and use it to transfer files from internal to external memory options. The File Manager is a simple application, where a user will have every possible option to play with the content to improve the performance of the phone in an effective way.



Android file manager is one of the mandatory applications in any of the smartphones, as managing files in the mobile phone could be crucial to enhance the performance of the Smartphone.

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